Zadie + Cleo



I’ve been photographing these two for awhile now. Zadie and Cleo’s mum found me when I was still studying, and when Zadie was a little baby, she had her first photo session on the little beach below her house. Those photos are still some of my favourites, ones that remind me not to lose sight of my original style.
It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the newest editing fashion, or to simply want to photograph like everybody else, so it’s nice to have little snippets of a simpler time to look back on.

It’s always such a pleasure to see children grow up every year, and to capture those differences, their wee personalities, and watch as they develop into people of their own. I just love capturing their silly faces and crazy dance moves, the little moments between siblings and even the tears of tiredness.

They’re all memories, and in these days of edited lives and picture perfect shots, it’s important to keep those imperfect images.

One day you’ll look back on them with a smile, as they trigger memories and feelings from a time long ago.