Vogel St Kitchen

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After an early meeting at Vogel St Kitchen, I thought it was only appropriate that I stay and use their wifi, drink their good coffee and eat their yummy cakes while blogging the photos I shot for them and Kia Ora Magazine last week!

Riah McLean has transformed what was an old, run down, printery in Dunedin’s Warehouse Precinct, into the most amazing modern cafe -right in the heart of Vogel St – Dunedin’s newest technology hub and the site of continuous restoration of the beautiful heritage buildings that once housed Dunedin’s early industries and shipping companies.

Vogel St Kitchen’s exposed brick, kauri beamed interior houses spaces for everyone – quiet little spots with power points upstairs, for people working on the go like me, large shared tables for meetings, cosy couches and high bar tables for casual get togethers.
Their menu is equally as varied; a huge wood fired pizza oven creates amazing gourmet pizzas, a large selection of cakes and filled ciabatta rolls, and an all day breakfast menu for those of us who like to eat muesli at 10pm (Aidan I’m looking at you!)

This place is already my favourite new hang out, and a welcome addition to the area for the hundreds of hungry Vogel St dwellers – who have been hyping it for months!

Well done Riah and team, see you tonight for the opening party! x