Two Years.



It struck me today that sometime last month, my little business celebrated another wee milestone.



It’s two years since I came back from traveling and decided to see how long I could last earning money from my photography.


Two years since I got up the guts to go blindly into the world of full time small business.


And two years since a few amazing people supported me enough to give me the confidence I needed to believe I could do it.


These two years have been the most rewarding, stressful, crazy, beautiful and high pressure years of my life, but to be able to do what I love every day is a blessing, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I just love it.


To anyone thinking of making their passion into a career – just do it. The one thing I’ve learned in my small time in business is that once you open your self up to full time work, it’ll come. So go out there and get it! It’s amazing what you can do with a little support and encouragement, a little self belief and a whole lot of hard work.



And this is where I’d like to say thanks to a few amazing people.



To the amazing Chef extraordinaire, Debbie Crompton – thanks for giving me the opportunity to photograph you and your students back in 2009. And for being such a trooper and hiring me even when those first images were So. Bad.


Bernadette Grumball, Design whiz… Boy am I glad that I sent my portfolio to you. Thanks for having my back and for believing in image consistency…. and for making me feel like I’m part of a team, not just a contractor. And for those Friday night wines!


To Nyia Strachan and Sharon O’Loughlin – I never would have guessed I’d get a dream job like the 52 Restaurants project. Both of you have opened up so many doors for me and given me amazing opportunities. Thanks for believing and for being brilliant PR geniuses. Sharon, thanks for kicking me up the bum. I’ll get those submissions out!


Charlotte and the pink dress… you know you started my wedding photography career with your amazing style and beauty. You’re a pretty amazing bestie too.


Rachael Brown… for giving me kind words and the support of another woman in the industry when I’m feeling over it xx


To my AMAZING clients. The smiles on your faces are why I do what I do.


My  beautiful friends, for putting up with my camera in their faces (And my whining. Boy I need a slap in the face sometimes.)


And last, but most of all, my loving, tolerant, beautiful husband Aidan, who cooks, cleans and gives me cuddles and support when I’m a crazy person. Love you.




And just for kicks. Here’s something a bit different. An ode to my beloved commercial work that keeps me sane and puts a roof over my head. This is what I’ve been doing for most of the past year.


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