The Rainforest Malaysian Cuisine

Phew! What a week! I’ve been madly running around the countryside shooting dinner parties, departments, and orientations….and on top of this, trying to set up my beautiful new computer, learning new software, editing, finishing my website, planning my best friend’s Hen’s Night & trying to spend time with my ever tolerant partner!

Not a great time to lock your keys in the car in the middle of nowhere….but of course I did, and thank god I’d already taken my camera gear out of the boot or I would have ruined an entire 5hr trip and shoot! Think it’s time for another break….

The above images are this week’s feature in the 52 Restaurants in 52 weeks series – this time we went to The Rainforest Malaysian Cuisine. The Rainforest has to be one of the most amazing restaurants I’ve shot so far. Behind the scenes there is so much going on – fire, bread throwing, and tea pouring – all amazing things to watch, let alone shoot! The Rainforest prides itself on serving traditional Malaysian food and I can assure you it was delicious! Definitely going back…. maybe next time I won’t eat so much though…..maybe…..

As for the state of the website – it’s coming along nicely and hopefully I’ll be able to fit in time this week between the madness to finally finish it! Cross fingers!