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Antonia, August 2011 (The ‘Us’ Project)

Second shoot down – ten to go! So much has changed for Antonia since her last portrait – It’s amazing

Chloe, August 2011 (The ‘Us’ Project)

I’m still deciding between these three images – the one at the top would be a definite, if it

The ‘Us’ Project, Year Two – Coming soon!

A couple of years ago, I decided to cross credit my Diploma in Professional Photography from 2004 to get into 3rd year

Cam’s Caption….again, finally!

Cameron, 25 “I remember intuiting as an eleven-year-old that one’s teen years/twenties would probably be

Nic and Stella’s caption – Finally!

I’ve been trying to get captions off a few stragglers….some my fault, some others…but finally managed


Angie, 27 “Right now, I have finished a hard day at the office and am enjoying a Summit and a chat with my girl


Alex, 26 “Void… But I’m sure things will get better. Amazing friends and family, what else could I


Lynsey, 27 “Today has been one like many over the last few months – free. I’ve been really


Rama, 26 “I’m gluing my trunk back to my roots after years of meandering abroad. Today: Veg on toast x3.