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Otago Polytechnic TV Advertisements

Campaign 2012 has begun, and Otago Polytechnic has just released a couple of TV ads, featuring my photography. The

General Madness & Otago Polytechnic Billboards – 2011

Long time no post! I’ve been so busy – barely time to eat – let alone post on my blog! The

Father, Son & the Holy Chicken!

So, once again, Louis is the poster boy of my blog. He’s just too cute. I’m sure that one days soon

Winter’s day afternoon

Whew! What a jam packed week! As I write, I’m lying in bed in recovery mode – thank goodness for modern

Antonia, August 2011 (The ‘Us’ Project)

Second shoot down – ten to go! So much has changed for Antonia since her last portrait – It’s amazing

Chloe, August 2011 (The ‘Us’ Project)

I’m still deciding between these three images – the one at the top would be a definite, if it

The ‘Us’ Project, Year Two – Coming soon!

A couple of years ago, I decided to cross credit my Diploma in Professional Photography from 2004 to get into 3rd year

Cluck cluck!

I bought a new lens yesterday. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s oh-so-sexy! (And far too

Central Otago snowy travels!

A couple of weeks back I had a baby shoot in Glenorchy. I’d been in Queenstown a couple of days shooting for