SDHB Smokefree Campaign

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I don’t often get around to posting much of the commercial work I shoot (as I’m normally too busy shooting it to blog it!), but what with the growing bebe in my tummy and impending maternity leave, I finally have some time to post a few of my favourite commercial jobs of the past year.

I’m lucky to have worked on some amazing projects over the last few years, a lot of them bringing huge personal and moral satisfaction to my life.
Working for organisations such as SDHB/Public Health South, Otago Polytechnic, and Enterprise Dunedin sees me involved in many enriching and positive campaigns, and the stories I hear along the way from the subjects I photograph, mean more to me than any other work that I do.

Just a few weeks ago on a shoot for Enterprise Dunedin, we photographed and interviewed an elderly man who was a 5th generation Aramoana dweller. The hours we spent with him were filled with incredibly emotional memories and amazing insights into Dunedin’s past, that most of my generation are probably oblivious to. (You can see more of these stories appearing on Daytripping in Dunedin, in progress…)
Doing this job means so much more than just photographing people, for me it’s about incorporating their story into the image, and that’s why I love this sort of work so much.

Above is a campaign I shot for Public Health South last year – The SmokeFree Leadership Campaign – with the wonderful Debby Newton, Smokefree Co-ordinator.
We interviewed and photographed a series of Southern District Health Board, WellSouth Primary Health and General Practice staff from all over Otago & Southland, focusing on their roles and goals in helping our communities to become and stay smoke free. These champions of the health system are people who any one of us can turn to for support in keeping smoke free, and photographing them was an absolute privilege.

Thanks to Debby and all involved in this great project. You can see these posters in action in Doctor’s waiting rooms, Hospitals and Health organisations near you!