Ra Bar


Ra Bar holds an embarrassingly special place in my heart.

It’s where, on a tipsy night out for a mutual friend’s birthday, not far from my own 25th, I had my first kiss with my now fiance Aidan.

I’d like to say it was like a scene from a romantic movie, or that we locked eyes over a glass of red wine and I knew he was the one – but in reality it was more of a drunken pash on the d-floor. Classy as, Bella.

4 years later and we’re still going strong though! Thanks Ra Bar!

So of course Aidan was happy to come along and be Stu’s ‘eating buddy’. Stu has lately been requiring one at each restaurant we attend, seeing as he (and I) have been getting a wee bit too excited with the whole free 5 course meal scenario. Gym memberships ahoy!

Ra Bar put on a huge spread and we couldn’t even get through it with 3 of us! But it was delicious. Especially the French Toast. Which I have no problem eating at dinner time! 😉