Potpourri Vegetarian Cafe

The first thing I noticed about Potpourri was the beautiful aromas coming out of the kitchen. An array of exotic spices mixed with the smell of good coffee. Heaven!

The second thing I noticed was how busy it was. Insane. I felt bad for even taking a table up with my camera gear! This place was buzzing. On a Wednesday at 11am. So I knew something must be good. ‘But how? It’s vegetarian?’, my carnivorous brain wondered.

Well. The food is great. Delicious, healthy (ish… hehe), and wholesome. I didn’t notice the lack of meat, once I had the delicious savoury muffin in my hands.

The coffee is great. Fairtrade & well brewed, as we’ve come to expect here in coffee loving Dunedin.

And lastly, the staff were some of the nicest and most accommodating I’ve come across on my journey. Craig & Hillary – thank you for being so lovely!

Think outside of the box and check out Potpourri, if you can get a seat 😉