Ports O’ Call


Ports O’Call is in the process of a big change! So keep an eye out down at the Exchange…. but in the meantime I can tell you about the delicious meal we had there.

Local meats and produce feature heavily on the menu at Ports O’Call. With specialties such as Otago Queen scallops, Otago lamb cutlets and Oamaru Whitestone cheeses – who wouldn’t want to sample whilst working?! I ate a huge bowl of Clam chowder (one of the best in Dunedin!) and had some super delicious lamb rack – something that’s become so expensive lately that not many restaurants have it on the menu, so it was so nice to see a place using our finest meats on the locals!

Ports O’Call was so delicious I left barely able to move…. as usual…. after 50 restaurants I still haven’t learned to hold back!