Otago Polytechnic TV Advertisements

Campaign 2012 has begun, and Otago Polytechnic has just released a couple of TV ads, featuring my photography.

The concept for the ad is based around our print campaign, with similar imagery being used. Unfortunately, the tablets are a little shaky….but given time constraints they weren’t able to reshoot.

The filming and background music were done by Otago Polytechnic Students – who did a wonderful job.

It’s great to see Otago Polytechnic involving their students in the advertising process – giving them a great professional grounding!

A great experience for Bernadette and I too, as it was also our first TVC campaign!

Concept – Bernadette Grumball (Otago Polytechnic Designer)

Photography – Isabella Harrex  (Otago Polytechnic Photographer)

Filming/Actors – Otago Polytechnic Students

Music – Liz Mackie, Otago Polytechnic IT Student.