Otago Polytechnic Prospectus 2014

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I often get asked what I get up to when it’s not wedding season. Whether I get to lounge around relaxing on the couch, or if I spend my days lunching with friends and going on holiday. In theory, this would be great, but I think I’d get bored rather quickly!


Before I was a wedding photographer (not so long ago), I was a full time commercial photographer. And I still am! (Which is the reason I only shoot 12 weddings a season.)


My days are spent photographing businesses, restaurants and people, and when I’m not doing that, I’m editing away in my little office. I absolutely LOVE this side of my job, it takes me to some amazing places, gets me out meeting new people, and most of all it teaches me new things and gives me new experiences every day. For example yesterday I was shooting on the roof of Hotel St Clair! (Interesting, with a fear of heights!)


One of my main contracts is photographing all the marketing for Otago Polytechnic, which involves shooting everything from student profiles to businesses in the community. It’s so great learning about all the careers out there, and meeting people from all walks of life. If I could do one job for the rest of my career, I’m pretty sure it would be this one.


The best part of all, is that every year a new prospectus gets published. For me, it’s like a diary of my working life – each photo reminds me of the day it was taken. And sometimes even my friends & family sneak in from time to time!


Above and below, are a little snippet of this year’s Prospectus and Careers Guide.


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