NZ Honey Co.

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Next up in Tourism Dunedin’s Homegrown Project is the New Zealand Honey Co., an amazing little export industry based on the Taieri Plains!


The New Zealand Honey Co. specialises in Premium New Zealand Honey – often sourced from our National parks, and have over 20,000 hives around New Zealand. Along with their many types of high grade Manuka Honey, they also produce variants with Central Otago Thyme, Root Ginger, and honey from other Native flowers, such as the Kamahi and Rata.


New Zealand Honey Co. exports a great deal of it’s product overseas, with the Asian market going crazy for our honey, and plans to expand it’s exports this year as demand just keeps getting higher. But there is still lots available for us back home and you can find it in the spreads aisle!


So next time you shop for honey, see if you can find some that’s produced right here in our backyard, and support our local industry!