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Hello! Long time no blog, I’ve been terrible I know! Now that Dunedin is waking up from it’s wintry hibernation period, it’s been all go!
Lots of fun things on the go, including some exciting magazine features and other bits and bobs…. but more on that later!

One of the fun jobs I’ve had lately was updating Nova‘s menu shots for 2014 – lots of yummy new things around this year, a new soda machine with Six Barrell Soda’s delicious cordial to mix, inject-able doughnuts (heaven…cream and salted caramel for me….) and scrumptious new mains and desserts. So good. I always have trouble on these food jobs…. too hard to photograph food when it looks and smells so yummy..

Speaking of yummy, I’m going to get outside while it’s still sunny and plant my little pea seedlings. We were lucky enough to be featured in NZ Gardener’s Get Growing magazine this week! You can see a few photos of our wee patch here!

See you soon! More blogs to come this week. Get out there and enjoy that sunshine! x