North & South – Out of the Blue


Phew! What a year it has been.

Nothing can prepare you for the huge adjustment of becoming a parent. The sleep deprivation, worry, mental and physical exhaustion, joy, love and brain fog. The way you feel when your baby learns to clap, to laugh, to walk.
It’s incredible the way it changes you and your entire world, for the better.

This year has been such a learning curve. I’ve not only learned about being a parent, but also a lot about myself and the way that pressure and stress can manifest in your life. I’ve had a huge year of ‘letting go’ of my years of extreme work, and learning to just go with the flow. It’s been so amazing to have the time to get some perspective on the insanity that being a small business owner entails!

I’ve always been an anxious person, as a lot of you will know. But after the birth of Daisy, and stupidly going back to work early due to fears of ‘missing out’ (and sheer bloody-mindedness!) I ended up in hospital after such bad anxiety that I stopped sleeping entirely. It was hell.

But what was the worst time in my life, has ultimately ended up as the best thing that could have happened to me, and the time I’ve taken to get well and be a mum has been a real eye opener to what’s important in my life.

Nothing is more important than your health, your family and your well being! Not deadlines, emails, prestige or work commitments. Not blogging, Facebook posts and big jobs.

So now that I’m out of the blue, and back into the sunshine, I’m only working for me! From now on, I’m only shooting jobs that I love.
This means no more weddings, no more ‘down to the wire’ rush jobs – but only the jobs that I really want to do.

So expect to see some lovely people, magazines, and businesses gracing these pages, and less work on the whole!
As much as I enjoy my job, I’m much more creative when I’m not working 24/7!

Therefore, what a pleasure it is to ease back into work with a commission like this for North & South.

By total coincidence, I was asked to photograph an essay on Blueskin Bay – Waitati, my hometown! The loveliest job ever, photographing people I’d grown up with, beaches I’d spent my summers, and businesses I’d worked in.

Thank you North and South, for being such a great publication (the only one I subscribe to!) and for even more excitingly, featuring me as a contributor in this issue. The best way to be welcomed back to work!

Looking forward to a wonderful year watching our little Daisy grow, and shooting some super enjoyable work!

North and South is out now, go have a look at how awesome Waitati is!