No.7 Balmac


Since starting this project (almost a whole year ago now!) with Tourism Dunedin & Stu Todd, a lot of people have asked me to let out the secrets of my favourite restaurants & cafes along the way. I’m always a bit reluctant to answer, because there are so many amazing places that we’ve been to and it’s really hard to pick a clear favourite. Not to mention that each place has something different to offer and sometimes one place will have the most amazing dessert, while the other has the best entrees in town! Very hard to choose.

BUT. Then we went to No.7 Balmac.

For me, No.7 Balmac ties it all together beautifully. Local produce, great location & decor, a beautiful kitchen garden, amazing entrees, mains & desserts, and a flavour you can’t find elsewhere from their amazing fruit wood fired grill.

Oh, and not to mention a great wine list and beautiful craft beers!

I’ve been back twice since our visit and plan to go there again very soon! Yum.