Nibl on This!

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If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, then you’ll know that I am a MASSIVE food enthusiast – which fits rather well with a lot of my jobs being food photography!


So I got a wee bit excited when I got a call from Nicola Brown from Nibl, an awesome new Raw Food workshop at Taste Nature in Dunedin.


I’ve never really thought about raw food before, so was very curious when I went along to photograph Nicola and Ros’ class last Sunday afternoon.


While snapping away, I learned all about how to make delicious nutritious smoothies, seed crackers – and all about the benefits of adding more raw food to our diets. The samples I tried were amaaaaaaazing and I almost went out and bought a smoothie blender on the spot!


You can see more of the shots from the workshop here on the brand new website, and over at Nibl’s very own facebook page.


And check out the workshops – a fun and informative way to spend an afternoon or evening… I’m especially looking forward to the Desserts workshop!