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It has been a loooong time between blogs! So much for all the blogging I thought I’d get done before baby arrives – the weather has been so nice here in Dunedin (very unusual, it’s normally rubbish!) that I’ve been spending all the hours I’d put aside for blogging and editing my huge backlog of personal photos, in the garden!
So I have a very tidy garden, but am still behind on the blogging! Oh well, there is still 2 months to go!

Casey & Glen managed to sneak in one of my last portrait sessions, just before Christmas.
We got the perfect weather, the grass was luscious and long, and Sam and Luca had a great time running around outside! Mum and Dad got some lovely ones together too, no one was left out!

Right, time for a hot chocolate and a book! I am going to relish being pregnant as long as I can!

x Bella