Judith Cullen for Jetstar Magazine

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Happy New Year!

What an amazing start to 2015 we have had, I can’t remember a summer like this EVER! I’ve been really enjoying my summer ‘off weddings’ and have managed to pop in visits to friends all over the country, with lots of swims in between!

I’m back to work this week, after 6 weeks of luxurious holiday. Phwoar, working with baby brain and a huge belly is hard!
But it’s only for two weeks, so I’ll be able to put my feet up in no time at all.
I can’t believe baby is due in 9 weeks….. time has flown and I still haven’t had time to even start organising my personal photos, which was my goal for those long days of pregnancy. Next week maybe…

Before I head off to my afternoon of shoots, I’ve managed to sneak up a wee job I shot for Jetstar Magazine last year.

The lovely Judith Cullen of ‘Judith Cullen Cooks & Travels’ was profiled for the magazine’s ‘local knowledge’ section – a page on Judith’s favourite spots in Dunedin, where to go and what to do in our city.
Judith chose to be photographed at her local, – Esplanade – where the Italian chefs serve up delicious modern pizza and pasta, and you can imbibe in a glass of good wine while looking out the windows to beautiful St Clair Beach.
Esplanade’s amazing interior and gorgeous light made it the perfect place to take some relaxed portraits, and Judith and I were lucky enough to sample the delicious antipasto after the shoot. Ahhh, the life of a food photographer…

Thank you to Judith for being a wonderful subject, and to Esplanade for being wonderful hosts.