Immersion Marketing

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I’ve been working on projects with the lovely folks at Immersion Marketing for awhile now.
Normally they contract me to take photos for other businesses re-brandings and marketing, from Steel factories to Hotels, where we often try and add some ‘happy smiley faces’ (my speciality!) into branding – so I was super chuffed when they liked me enough to have some promo shots taken for themselves!

Sarah was after some nice, casual and inviting shots of staff for their website and promotions.

Immersion are an upbeat, happy and friendly team, so I wanted to put across how nice they are to work with in the images. We used the brick wall in their driveway as a backdrop, as it’s the first thing you see when you arrive at Immersion Marketing, and fitted in nicely with their colour scheme and branding.

You can see more of these images and what Immersion get up to at Immersion’s website.