Iceland – My Life’s dream fulfilled! – 2010

I have wanted to travel to Iceland forever, I don’t know why, or quite where I got the idea from, but I’ve always known I would love the place.

I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to make it there on our worldwide trip, with work uncertainty and not knowing if we’d get time off. But one day I looked on, found amazingly cheap flight + hotel deals, and we finally booked! I was so excited.

The eight days we spent in Iceland were some of the most amazing I’ve ever had. The beauty of the country is unbelieveable – like New Zealand on steroids! Since we left, I’ve been dreaming of returning. My ultimate goal is to somehow be able to spend a month there, photographing in the desolate mountains and coastlines. We shall see if I can do it!

I can’t recommend Iceland highly enough – it is truly my favourite place in the world. Cold it may be, but amazing is what it is!