Home at last! After a lot of gruelling flying (which I’m not too fond of), lost luggage, and a quick stop in Auckland, we finally arrived back in Dunedin in March.

I was lucky enough to have a beautiful proposal on the beach, which Aidan went all out for, flowers and shells and our initials in the sand. Very romantic!

I also purchased a new camera – which I am also in love with – after my older one started to show signs of illness. The new toy arrived just in time for the onset of work from Otago Polytechnic that I’ve been shooting away at for the past couple of months – 3 versions of the 2011 Prospectus, and a whole lot of stock shots has kept me very busy!

It’s wonderful to be home and we’re very much looking forward to settling down and moving back into our house, once Aidan returns from his next jaunt in Jersey which lasts from May to October. Oh the life of the traveling chef!

In the meantime, I’m loving being back around the people I care about, and getting back to work in my own profession!