Hearts & Kisses

I’ve been meaning to put these two cuties up on the blog for months….how delicious are they? Such amazing facial expressions. They were a real joy to shoot on a hot sunny day in the backyard.

What with the website build and manic shooting schedule, my social life seems to have fallen by the wayside a little….so apologies to those friends I haven’t seen in months…I’m getting there! I’m thoroughly looking forward to this weekend though – where I finally get to be a bridesmaid at a wedding rather than shooting it! Though I’m sure I’ll sneak a few shots in….can’t help myself….

Aaaaand, next week is Aidan and I’s 3 year anniversary! Our anniversary is Valentine’s Day (yup, would you believe that was the day we first met?) and I’m planning a little something special, seeing as he’s been rather neglected lately…maybe a wee boat trip or night out 🙂 Can’t wait.

Happy Valentines and have a lovely week!