Felix + Koru

Felix & Koru Cockling-12Felix & Koru Cockling-5Felix & Koru Cockling-18Felix & Koru Cockling-16Felix & Koru Cockling-2Felix & Koru Cockling-3Felix & Koru Cockling-21Felix & Koru Cockling-15Felix & Koru Cockling-17Felix & Koru Cockling-4

We’re so lucky to live just down the road from our wee nephew and his Mum and Dad, and to be able to grab a bucket and head over the hill to our special cockling spot is one of the joys of living on the beautiful Otago Peninsula.

I borrowed these two for a last minute commercial shoot a few weeks ago, and while we were there, I snuck a few snaps of the two of them just hanging out, digging for cockles.
I’m so terrible at picking up the camera when I’m not working, so it’s about time this wee one had some updated photos!

Can’t wait to do this with our wee one….! Dunedin rules.