Erin & Jono – Engaged!

The last three weeks have been complete and utter madness. Despite planning an ultra tiny wedding, I didn’t account for the fact that I would have 32 shoots in 3 weeks leading up to it….. oops! All future brides take note – not a good idea to plan a wedding in your busiest time of work!


BUT: I’m happy to say that I’m finally finished! All that needs to be done now is blogging and a mini website update… and then next Wednesday I’ll be free to marry the lovely and extremely tolerant Aidan! I cannot wait.


So lately, as you can imagine, I’m totally sharing the excitement of every bride I meet!


Erin contacted me all the way from Melbourne a few months ago when I was in the early stages of planning our wedding, and we immediately struck up a long series of emails discussing the virtues of dress shopping, neutral colour schemes and our mutual love of Central Otago.


Last week, I finally got to meet Erin and her future husband Jono while they were over in NZ for a quick holiday. The morning of our coffee date, Erin emailed to ask if it would be possible to shoot a quick engagement shoot after our meeting, as they wouldn’t likely be over again before their wedding next year. I have to say, I had a mild freak out at the thought of an unplanned last minute shoot, and ran around the house grabbing bits of camera gear, and guzzling coffee in the hope that somehow I could come up with a plan of action in the next half hour!


But as soon as I met Erin & Jono, I completely relaxed when I realised how laid back and happy they were to go with the flow. We jotted down some ideas on a piece of scrap paper and came up with a fun plan to head back to the old student flat they’d lived in when they first got together, along with some shots at Otago University where they’d studied when they met 8 years ago. Totally cute.


Despite being nervous about being photographed for the first time, Erin & Jono were TOTAL naturals. We had so much fun and I got such a ridiculous amount of keeper shots that it took me about 3 hours to whittle them all down! So it seems that sometimes the unplanned shoots workout the best!


Erin & Jono, I am so excited to photograph your wedding and can’t wait to hang out with you again. Looking forward to many more emails and seeing your wonderful wedding plans come to fruition!


xx Bella