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It is SO great to be home in Sunny Dunedin! A month away is simply too long, I love our little city.


We had a lovely honeymoon, a couple of weeks in Samoa, and a couple in Auckland. We had a great time checking out a whole heap of great restaurants. That’s our idea of a honeymoon! If you haven’t already – I highly recommend heading to Depot next time you’re in the big city. Beautiful seasonal bites and wine on tap. So great. Another wee gem we were recommended was Golden Dawn in Ponsonby – delicious food and amazing atmosphere. If Dunedin had these two places I don’t think I’d ever leave!


While I’m on food and Dunedin – just before I left, I finished shooting a my very first feature for Dish Magazine. Someone up north had spotted the wonderfully talented Alison Lambert at Otago Farmer’s Market, where she runs cooking demonstrations featuring the scrumptious food from the stalls, and wanted her to write a few recipes and an article on seasonal food.When I got the call from Dish magazine, I was ridiculously excited, as shooting for them has been one of my goals for over 2 years – so obviously I was very VERY excited to finally see it in print! It’s so nice seeing my work somewhere other than a computer screen, there’s something about paper that makes the images a whole lot nicer.


Alison’s recipes are so yum (we ate them for lunch after the shoot), you can find them in the Winter issue of Dish (out now!) or very soon, in her new cafe – Delicacy by Alison Lambert – in Maori Hill.


Enjoy! And keep warm! xx