Dish Magazine – The Tart Tin

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Grab the latest Dish Magazine and a cup of tea, and you’ll find some delicious recipes for all sorts of sweet Spring treats, and a lovely selection of delicious morsels by Matt Cross, of The Tart Tin – who you may recognise from the wonderful Otago Farmer’s Market.

I photographed Matt over a couple of absolutely freezing winter days – snow and all! – but while we huddled in his little bakehouse in St Clair, the aromas of baking and the little tidbits I was able to snaffle kept me going, and I got to witness an amazing range of treats being created – all hand made, fresh and delicious – that Matt sells at his stall on Market Day.

Little cupcakes, Caramel Popcorn, Tarts-a-plenty, and Mini Loaves are only a fraction of Matt’s repertoire, and often you’ll find exciting new treats such as ‘Perky Nana Macarons’, or ‘Hot Chocolate Toppers’ popping up with different flavours each week.

You can find this month’s issue of Dish Magazine at your local magazine retailer, and I’m off to bake some muffins!
Blogging this shoot has made my little baby belly rumble! Here’s to caving in to pregnancy cravings!