Deli + Ian’s Church Wedding | Highgate

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The tears started when Ian began singing, his beautiful voice echoing through the lofty church. A song especially written for his true love, Deli. Tears rolling down his cheeks as she walked up the aisle, his guitar humming and the everyone so quiet and still, just absorbing his beautiful song.

From then on, that was me. I cried half the day. I don’t often get so emotional at weddings, but this one was special.

Deli and Ian made the day so much about them. Not things, not stuff. Just them and their marriage.

It was so refreshing and beautiful to see a couple concentrate so purely on each other, their families, and their happiness, and not everything else that often comes along with weddings these days.

Deli and Ian, I just loved being part of your wedding. A beautiful reminder of all that truly matters.

x Bella