Claire & Niall’s Doctor’s Point Engagement

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Claire and Niall got in touch with me about a year ago, and booked in a beautiful Lake Ohau wedding for the coming winter, involving skiing and gorgeous views of Mt Cook (which I am SO looking forward to!).

Six months down the track, we got together and started planning their engagement shoot. I suggested vintage bikes and bright colours – hopeful that we’d get something a little different – but when they turned up on the evening of the shoot, I was overjoyed to see they’d fully committed to the theme! A photographer’s dream. They’d even gone to the trouble of hiring a couple of cruisers, and Claire had had a lovely afternoon getting her makeup done by wonderful Erin at Smashbox. Perfect.

Add in some beautiful evening light, a couple of glasses of champers, and this shoot is now on my list of all time faves!

Thanks again to my lovely bride and groom who put it all together so wonderfully! See you in September! xx