Chloe, August 2011 (The ‘Us’ Project)

I’m still deciding between these three images – the one at the top would be a definite, if it weren’t slightly out of focus!

Chloe’s caption reads:

Food.  Snow.  Travel.  After a hectic two weeks back at school – including the stress of a very sick Henry (a whole week at the vets, poor wee man!) – my mind is now occupied by happy thoughts.  Market day today, potential snowstorm brings hope of TWO snow days, and the big OE is fast approaching.  I’m also feeling a strange new sense of connection with England after the arrival of my UK passport.  Despite my close familial ties with this place, I have never really thought about the role it plays in my identity.  The words ‘British Citizen’ seem to have affected me in a way I never expected”.