Chilli Planet

I’m a big fan of Thai food, as most people are – and as it’s my go-to takeaway meal, I know a fair bit about what a good Pad Thai or Red Curry tastes like! Not to mention the months I’ve spent in Thailand eating myself silly on the stuff! (and the extra kilos I took home, haha).

Dunedin is well populated with Thai restaurants, so it surprised me when another one popped up on George St. But I can tell you that’s Chilli Planet is now one of my favourites in Dunedin!

It’s got gorgeous decor, lots of light and a the food is straight out of Thailand. Perfect flavours, great fresh produce and more variety than you normally get from a NZ Thai restaurant. The chefs are keen to make their food as close to the real thing as you can get over here – so make sure you tell them your chilli preference!

I loved the Pad Thai Royale – normal Pad Thai wrapped up beautifully in an egg omelette. Like a little present waiting to be opened and devoured!