Cherry Blossom


With Spring FINALLY arriving down here in the Deep South, it’s been so nice getting back outside after a long winter of indoor shoots! The flowers are out, the birds are singing, and it’s almost holiday time! Everyone is so happy and cheerful with the warmer weather.

And this wee one above was no exception last week! Smile after smile! We had a lovely afternoon photographing her in her gorgeous Kimono for a special Japanese tradition. Her mum had warned me there was a possibility of tantrums and tears, but with a steady supply of mini marshmellows and ridiculous faces and distractions from my lovely assistant Lauren, Miss 3 was in her element!

And even cuter – when she saw her sneak peek, she said ‘Where’s Bella?’. Somehow she thought I was going to magically be in the photos too! So cute!! Kids are awesome 🙂