Central Otago snowy travels!

A couple of weeks back I had a baby shoot in Glenorchy. I’d been in Queenstown a couple of days shooting for Polytech, and overnight, we had an enormous dump of long-awaited snow. I was tossing up whether or not I should take the treacherous drive to Glenorchy, but as I had been meaning to do this shoot for a long time I decided to take the risk. After 1.5hrs of driving, on a normally 45min trip – I finally got there, only to realise we had nowhere to shoot!

We’d planned to have an outdoor shoot, but the snow/rain was so heavy that even a 5 minute trip outside would have soaked us. So we had to improvise!

The lounge was the only option – so we turned up the fire and let baby go wild. Here’s the cute wee button – minus the huge gash on his forehead from a learning to walk accident! Thanks Photoshop!