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Media Shots for ODI Jewelry

I just had to put up these photos now. It’s got my blog all out of order (I have a blog


Nectar is the loveliest little cafe on Princes St. With a focus on healthy, scrumptious, locally sourced food –


Bacchus is one of the few Dunedin restaurants that I hadn’t eaten at, even though a good friend of mine had


Our visit to Scotia was coming up, and Stu and I had been debating whether or not we were going to try Haggis, being

Table 7

Table 7 is hidden above George St in the middle of town – a great place to go for cocktails or a beautiful fine

Speights Ale House

Speight’s is a Dunedin Icon, and being a fan of the beer (I LOVE a good beer) I was keen to check out the food


Nova Cafe is of course, one of Dunedin’s icons. With it’s prime real estate in the heart of the Octagon


Delicacy is a nice little place at the top of the hill, a hub in the heart of Maori Hill. With beautiful light decor

That Gorgeous Evening Glow

I’ve been dreaming of backlit love shots for about 6 months now…. but what with all my commercial work and