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Every year I get to photograph this wee poppet, she’s such a cutie. We photographed Audrey at home last year, to

Etrusco at the Savoy

Etrusco has always been a well loved restaurant here in Dunedin, for over 20 years we’ve all been there for

Zadie + Cleo

I’ve been photographing these two for awhile now. Zadie and Cleo’s mum found me when I was still

Bridget + Dave’s Millbrook Wedding | Arrowtown

Nothing beats Arrowtown in Autumn. What a beautiful place. Crisp mountain air, leaves turning red, a hint of a wood

Brooke + Karl’s Hilltop Wedding | West Otago

On the highest peak of their farm, even higher than the clouds, Brooke and Karl were married under a huge blue West

Adam + Colleen’s Pukehiki Wedding | Otago Peninsula

You know those couples who have been together forever? The ones who have outlasted all the high school relationships,

Deli + Ian’s Church Wedding | Highgate

The tears started when Ian began singing, his beautiful voice echoing through the lofty church. A song especially

Penny + Joe’s Country Wedding | Outram

Penny and Joe were married on a scorching hot January day, in their little town of Outram, on the beautiful Taieri

Gemma + Matt’s Vineyard Wedding | Taranaki

I first met Matt and Gemma a couple of years ago at the beautiful wedding of Andy & Aimee, in Whangarei. Both