Brooke & Karl on a Hill in West Otago

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Almost a year ago now, I was contacted by Brooke to photograph her wedding in Rankleburn, West Otago. I didn’t even know there was a West Otago, let alone a place called Rankleburn! Every wedding I shoot, I realise just how massive Otago really is.
Last week I made the 2hr trek inland to shoot their engagement in the soft evening light, atop a hill on their farm, looking over miles of beautiful dairy country.


The light was low, my favourite, and as we 4wd’d back over the hill to the homestead, with the sun going down over the ranges, I thought to myself just how lucky I am to have this job of traveling gypsy photographer, and what a beautiful country to be based in.


Brooke & Karl, you know how excited I am for your wedding. Roll on Feb! x