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Bridget + Dave’s Millbrook Wedding | Arrowtown

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Nothing beats Arrowtown in Autumn. What a beautiful place. Crisp mountain air, leaves turning red, a hint of a wood fire burning and gentle rivers babbling downstream.

A perfect place and time for a wedding, and Bridget and Dave were lucky to get one of the last warm days as the seasons changed, with the cosy winter sun sitting low along the mountain line.

A perfect day, a perfect couple, and a perfect way to end the long wedding season.

Bridget and Dave, thanks for inviting me to capture your beautiful day xx



  • April 17, 2014 - 9:01 pm

    Bridget + Dave - Bella, we are beyond thrilled – thank you for being our memory catcher on a day you can’t possibly soak up all the goodness on your own!

    We have had so many positive comments about our photos, we could not recommend you more strongly.

    Look forward to our mail! xReplyCancel

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