I’ve been running around the country for the past couple of weeks and haven’t had any internet, so finally I’m back in Dunedin and can start doing some work again! Aidan and I walked part of the Greenstone track last week and I decided to do his portrait there, as being outdoors is what he’s about. I like this one as it’s a bit different to my previous ones, but still fits in. I’ll be putting a lot more of these up soon now that I have some time to start shooting again!

Aidan, 28

Aidan, 28

Aidan’s comment reads –

“I’m getting over a cold….it’s not the funnest thing in the world but I know it will pass soon, my brain feels a bit like it’s full of jumbled up pieces of a jig saw puzzle, but I know they will settle into the right places soon. That’s just what happens when you start a new chapter.”