A Very Special Family Portrait


You know those friends that can always make you feel better? That you can moan to for hours about the most ridiculously petty things, that will always let you in for a cuppa when you’re feeling down, or that you can simply laugh with, about ridiculous life events over a nice wine?

Well Tess is one of those friends.

Tess has a house full of amazing vintage finds, rustic and bright, always smelling of a delicious casserole or freshly baked cookies. She has a beautiful garden full of flowers, and the door is always open, with a kettle on the boil for a cup of tea. Sam is often working in the garden when I go around, and many a time I’ve gone home laden with fresh leeks and home made chutneys.

So to return the many wonderful dinners, fresh vegetables & long chats into the evening, I wanted to give them a gift to celebrate this time in their lives.

Two months before their wedding, and with beautiful Marion at 7 months old.

Tess, Sam & beautiful Marion, I’m so glad you’re in my life. Here’s to many more warm evenings and long chats over a bottle of wine xx