A Couple of little Angels

Crossan Family-39Crossan Family-5Crossan Family-48Crossan Family-34Crossan Family-52Crossan Family-46Crossan Family-9Crossan Family-57Crossan Family-22Crossan Family-76

Oh man, I am SO behind on my blogging. What with house renovations, moving, an unplanned week in hospital and an extremely busy few months of commercial work, it’s been impossible to even think about blogging, let alone get time to sit down and do it!

But I miss it!! So here I am, making time! Look at that!

I photographed this beautiful family a few months ago, in the middle of the freezing winter and after a wee op on my knee (pesky Samoan mosquito bite that turned evil…).

Both of the girls were just so easy and we managed to shoot the whole session at home, out of the cold – which was fantastic with a wee newborn who had just come into the world, and my slightly limited mobility!

Welcoming a little sister is so exciting and I can already see how much love is shared between them.

Love and Congrats! xx