A Special Family Portrait

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A few weeks ago, Courtney contacted me about a family portrait shoot that she wanted done while she was in New Zealand for a holiday. Seeing as I was heading up to Central Otago for a wedding anyway, I offered to photograph her and her little family in her hometown of Alexandra on my way up to Wanaka for the wedding.

We spent a couple of weeks going back and forth about locations and light (Courtney is studying photography herself in Brisbane) and then out of the blue, I got an email from Courtney’s partner Tristan!

He’d been planning on proposing to her while over for their holiday, and had decided that our shoot was the perfect time to do it!

So we plotted a plan and some signals, and crossed our fingers she’d say yes!

The weather was uncharacteristically cold, the wind was extreme, and poor little Jayda was freezing! But at the end of our shoot, Tristan got down on one knee and told Courtney he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. And she said YES!

Courtney, Tristan and little Jayda, you are such a gorgeous wee family and I’m so happy for you!

Congratulations and thanks for the privilege of photographing such a special moment in your lives.

x Bella